Trafton Esler: Hosting Showdown

2 responses on “Trafton Esler: Hosting Showdown

  1. shparekh

    Great introductory information. Low stars because couldn’t see any of the screen while Trafton kept pointing to what was shown on it. Also couldn’t hear any of the questions.

    Trafton can you please post here all the tools you mentioned early in the talk? I think that was very informative.


  2. shparekh

    One more question- Is there a service, certifying group, etc. that would let us know if the plug-in is secure and follows the word-press core principles? There are so many useful plug-ins that I hate to commit new dev resources just because we do not know what may be lurking underneath.


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February 22, 2013

This talk breaks down the world of hosting in a way that is easy to understand, including specific examples of each tier, and the tradeoffs for each one so you can make a decision as to what kind of host you need.

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