David Jenyns: WordPress and Video SEO

2 responses on “David Jenyns: WordPress and Video SEO

  1. Bo Wanngård

    Now… how shall I put it…
    Basically, David, if you’re teaching people new ways of taking advantage of video, the video that sells the message MUST be technically OK. I’m sure your audience had a great experience listening to you live. Now, English is not my native lingo but I got most of what you conveyed via your video. BUT – the sound quality is not acceptable. You can’t just put a mike in front of the PA loud speaker. And you can’t let the automatic equalizer take care of the in-signal.

    Having said that I gratulate you and you team to a great and highly interesting business model. I certainly gave ME some ideas.
    And whatever YOU do the next couple of hours – I hope it’s profitable! As our friend Richard Q puts it.

    All the best – Bo Wanngård – senior cinematographer and journalist. Stockholm/Sweden


  2. davejenyns

    Hi Bo, thanks for your kind words and I agree! The audio isn’t the best. Unfortunately we didn’t get much control over the audio setup 😦

    I’m glad you persisted and let the quality of the content carry you through. I have posted a few other videos with better quality audio here: http://www.youtube.com/theSEOmethod

    And if you’ve got any questions please let me know… I’d be happy to help!


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June 7, 2013

This presentation covers how to maximize your video efforts with smart SEO, get more traffic to your website using my complete syndication method from YouTube to WordPress and leveraging video content, turning it into, transcripts, articles, blog content.

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