Mark Jaquith: Confident Commits, Delightful Deploys

7 responses on “Mark Jaquith: Confident Commits, Delightful Deploys

  1. zane matthew (@zaneMATTHEW)

    Can we get that direct link you mentioned for plugin deploy @ the 40min mark?


  2. Mark Jaquith

    Here’s the plugin deployment script I mentioned at the 40 minute mark.

    Also, the slides.


  3. Tony Groff (@tgroff)

    This is a high-level overview of high-level DevOps practices. Puppet, Chef, Vagrant, Capastrano, Git, Sinatra, Nginx, CDN. Very informative if you’re looking to step up your game in that regard, but I was looking more for simply how to move stuff from a dev server to a live server :). He does mention briefly that his method for local development is simply changing his local hosts file to point to his local server when developing locally. Whereas I’ve always developed on a domain, maybe I’ve been doing it wrong all these years and causing unnecessary headaches.


  4. pelmered

    @zaneMATTHEW: I was able to find the link to Scribu’s post about this. Here it is:
    It’s a bit old(August 2011), but maybe there are updated versions somewhere…


  5. Sam Hotchkiss (@HotchkissWeb)

    Hi Mark– you mention that you’ve configured nginx to load images from the remote server when they’re not available locally. How did you manage that?


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July 28, 2013

This presentation examines the pitfalls of “winging it” when it comes to changing and deploying code, and showcases multiple paths to the promised land of confident commits and delightful deploys.

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