Mika Epstein: Don’t Use WordPress Multisite

6 responses on “Mika Epstein: Don’t Use WordPress Multisite

  1. Jed Barish

    Is there a closed captioned for this video? I am deaf WP user. I would like to understand the video.

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    • Chandra Maharzan

      I am not sure if it exists but I will pass this on to the admin. Thanks for asking.

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    • Ian Dunn

      Hi Jed, we’re starting to collect transcriptions from community members, so some of the more popular videos, including this one, now have subtitles 🙂

      If a video has subtitles, you can turn them on by playing the video, and then clicking on the “No subtitles” button at the top and selecting a language. If the video doesn’t have subtitles then there won’t be a “No subtitles” button.

      I’d love to hear any feedback you have about the experience 🙂

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  2. Erlend

    Sorry if I missed this as I only had time to check out the slides, but what about SSO? I think a lot of people chose Multisite for this reason. They do in fact benefit from separate sites with unique themes and plugins, but they don’t need the hassle of the shared codebase, they just need shared users. I feel like WordPress is missing a middle road there.

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  3. jellis051

    This is an excellent video. After watching this I am 95% sure that a multisite is what I am looking for, here is what I am trying to accomplish let me know if you agree…

    I am looking to build a network of sites. The content providers for these sites will need to be able to add posts/pages and manage menus for their own individual site. They could also have the ability to select the theme for their own site, and perhaps which widgets are on their site (but this is not a deal breaker). I will be the one installing any available themes or plugins. In the video you said that users of one site can comment on posts of another, that is fine. But can they create posts or manage the pages of another site? Also how is the media area handled in a multi site? Is that a shared repository among each of the individual sites or is it separate?



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  4. octalmage

    Hey Jon,

    Users can only manage posts/pages of sites that they have access to (except for super admins!), so you can control this. Each site has it’s own media files, but I believe plugins exist to share media.

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August 1, 2013

Too many people see Multisite as a silver bullet that can do everything they need, only to find out they’ve bitten off more than they can chew, and now they have a site that is too big, too complicated, and too much of a hassle. Understanding what Multisite does out of the box, what it’s best at, and where it’s easily extendable will help you build the right site.

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