Joe Rozsa: You Want to Stick That Where?

2 responses on “Joe Rozsa: You Want to Stick That Where?

  1. bobbingwide

    So why not just upload the images and resize and crop them in WordPress?


  2. Linda Willis

    Thanks, Joe. Learned more about image sizing and how to tackle it without Photoshop. Made me very nervous about 2 images I used in our online training product as they were obtained from articles found, you guessed it, on Google. I’d tried and tried to find a way to ask permission to use them (as a content producer, we sure believe in copyright), but was unsuccessful. Also couldn’t find stock images that worked as well, although we’d purchased all the others we used. Would you recommend replacing those 2 or adding some kind of explanatory note?



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October 12, 2013

This talk takes you through the process of sizing images and graphics correctly in Photoshop and Google +.

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