Christine Rondeau: Spearhead Your Career By Contributing To WordPress

2 responses on “Christine Rondeau: Spearhead Your Career By Contributing To WordPress

  1. gcmacd

    I use WordPress for all my personal blogs. Christine started out her talk by explaining how she came to be a WordPress user and the lonely challenges she faced before WordPress became available. I can relate to this but oddly have felt a little lonely still, even within the WordPress community. I learned to do websites using Dreamweaver and a little html but am not a programmer then discovered WordPress. But I am more of a “pantser” just learning as I go. This presentation has opened my eyes to the breadth of the phenomenal WordPress community and the reasons why it is time to give something back, including the benefit of learning by teaching.
    …This is a fantastic overview of how WordPress users can support each other and in turn express thanks to all the volunteers who provide all the great tools and support. She has inspired me to participate more in forums, and look into volunteering where writing and reviewing help is needed, and just by starting small and focusing on one area of interest. I will also be checking out the various groups she mentioned, and Wordcamps and meetups.
    …Share this with someone new to WordPress and the WordPress community as soon as they begin using WordPress or even while they are thinking of trying it out. Share this too with the established users you know who have benefited from this open source sharing for so long and remind them that by giving back to the community they will also gain many benefits as outlined in the presentation.


  2. Esther Okamura

    I had no idea! Thank you so much. I’m more marketer than developer. I will go and check out the Adopt a Page – I can certainly do that. Thanks Christine, you opened my eyes to a whole new world and I love WordPress!!


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January 9, 2014

This presentation shows how there’s a whole community ready to help and how you can be part of it. Contributing by helping on the forums, submitting themes, plugins and patches is a great way to expand your network, your knowledge and join an amazing community of like-minded folks.

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