Carolyn Sonnek: Podcasting With WordPress: Getting Started And Best Practices

One response on “Carolyn Sonnek: Podcasting With WordPress: Getting Started And Best Practices

  1. Angelo Mandato, master of digital media

    Hello Carolyn,

    Thanks for mentioning the PowerPress plugin in your presentation. I wanted to mention that we put special logic in PowerPress to deal with mobile devices, they are always given an HTML5 player, where the desktop browsers are given one of the 6 players you can pick from in PowerPress’s settings. PowerPress now defaults to the MediaElements.js player that is packaged in WordPress, and there still remains 5 other flash based players to pick from.

    Thanks again for mentioning our plugin, and if you would like a demo of some of the new features we’ve added, please contact me and we’ll set that up!



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March 27, 2014

Have you ever wanted to start a podcast? Did you think that it was going to be too hard for you to start? Did you think that you would need a ton of specialized equipment and know-how to get things up and running? With a computer, an internet connection, and an installation of WordPress you can publish your own podcast. This presentation covers the installation of WordPress and related plugins and feed configuration for iTunes along with best practices for audio file exporting and the use of YouTube for video podcasts.

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