Naomi C. Bush: Accepting Payments On Your WordPress Site

One response on “Naomi C. Bush: Accepting Payments On Your WordPress Site

  1. Brother Tony O

    Thanks for this presentation, Naomi. I’ve been considering alternative payment options for years but never took the time to sit down and give this critical issue the study it deserves. User experience and cost are top priorities. You’ve made it clear that Stripe and Dwolla address those concerns while PayPal plays games with us (small business owners).


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May 24, 2014

“Oh that’s easy — just use PayPal.” Well, PayPal isn’t the only kid on the block any more (or even the easiest) and you just may be losing money. Using my experience from the past two years working with and building solutions for modern payment processors, I’ll help you navigate the modern payment systems to choose what makes sense for your business.

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