Rachel Baker: Put Your Content to REST With WP-API

3 responses on “Rachel Baker: Put Your Content to REST With WP-API

  1. rachelbaker

    I apologize for not repeating questions here. Sorry folks for only hearing my answers during the Q&A section.

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  2. brotsky

    I loved the presentation! Are there any ways to set limitations on API users? I would like to limit each user to a certain amount of requests.


  3. Dhanuka Nuwan


    I have a question. We make a theme options page for every theme, so users can customize their site. My question is how can retrive those data using the wp-rest-api ?

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July 6, 2014

The JSON REST API (WP API) is coming to WordPress Core in WordPress 4.1. Come to learn more what the JSON REST API is, why this upcoming feature is a game changer for WordPress as an application platform, and leave with some examples of how you can be using or extending it today. This talk walks through examples of how to make HTTP requests to view resources through the API, and authenticating to perform more sensitive actions such as creating, editing, and deleting resources. Learn about all the resources available within the WordPress JSON REST API from our documentation, including: posts, pages, post_meta, taxonomies, comments, users

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