John James Jacoby: Multisite and Multi-network

3 responses on “John James Jacoby: Multisite and Multi-network

  1. davidaelevy

    Networks option on top of Multisite is awesome, but I haven’t been able to get the additional networks out of a redirect loop.

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    • fabiofava

      Point the domains to Multi Network to the same physical IP (cPanel or DNSME).

      Don’t forget to comment that line (instructions are on the plugin page).

      Multi Network just enables the using of SiteID. Multisite 1 will be SiteID=1, Multisite 2 wil be SiteID=2, and so on. It’s pretty awesome, simple and effective. No rocket science.


  2. Dan

    Is it possible to automate this part of the answer below: “Point the domains to Multi Network to the same physical IP (cPanel or DNSME)”?

    So just as we can let new users set up their own site on a regular multisite installation based on their paid membership level and automated domain mapping (with plugins), can the set up of their own multisite/multibuddypress network also be fully automated too (instead of the super network admin having to manually go into C-panel to actuvate it)?


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July 26, 2014

WordPress Multisite is great, but what most people actually want is multiple networks. In this talk (good for all experience levels), I’ll explain what networks are, why you’d use them, and how to unlock this powerful and hidden WordPress core feature.

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