Matt Mullenweg: The State of the Word 2014

3 responses on “Matt Mullenweg: The State of the Word 2014

  1. Adam

    Thanks to everyone who contributes to WordPress! I’m not only talking about Automattic but people who give advice in the supports forums, developers who build amazing plugins, theme designers, and more. The web and world is a better place because of everyone involved in making WordPress happen. 🙂

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  2. Aubrey Portwood

    Great news that we might be able to contribute with pull request. I think this will make contributing much easier and will lead to more contributions and easier feedback channels for budding contributors.

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  3. Taschenboutique

    Thanks for the video, nice to see what Happened on the WordCamp. Matt is quite inspirational 🙂


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October 26, 2014

State of the Word WordCamp San Francisco 2014

Presentation Slides »

See also: Q&A that followed and summary post on Matt’s site.

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