Julien Melissas: Roots – The Starter Theme That Will Make You a Better Developer

One response on “Julien Melissas: Roots – The Starter Theme That Will Make You a Better Developer

  1. julienmelissas

    Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that there is some information I gave in the beginning of this talk that I gave that isn’t 100% correct – specifically regarding where/when you can use Roots. It’s still not recommended for use as a parent theme, but it’s totally possible to sell a theme on Themeforest or a marketplace, or distribute the theme on a multisite! Just wanted to clear that up.

    Also, keep in mind I had some port blocking issues when trying to download packages at the NC State campus, but those are fixed at the end, so just hang in there if you want to see it actually work 😉


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January 5, 2015

Roots isn’t for people who’ve never developed a theme before, but for people who are looking for a good way to start their custom themes, this is the way to go. This talk expects people to have some background with developing custom themes. Jumping into development with Roots will be a lot easier after this talk!

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