Julien Melissas: Using Roots/Sage 8.0.0 – A Modern Developers Starter Theme

5 responses on “Julien Melissas: Using Roots/Sage 8.0.0 – A Modern Developers Starter Theme

  1. thiago de bastos (@thiagodebastos)

    Hi Julien! I’ve watched a few of your the videos about Roots/Sage now but I never feel like I learn anything about the starter theme itself and how it works. You often talk about Bower, Gulp and Browser-sync, which I suppose your target audience may need help with but I would like to see a video talking for us who have developed WordPress themes in the past and are looking to why we should use Roots over something like Underscores. By this I mean actual functionality and benefits offered by Roots/Sage, as I don’t feel like browser-sync and gulp are an advantage for those of us who can already set these workflow tools up anyway.
    I think it would be great considering there is not a single (coherent) video out there (that I could find!) running us through using Roots.

    I must say the discourse forum is a great place to learn and I’ve learned a lot from there, I just thought it would be great if there were a quick and easy method of seeing it in action 🙂


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  2. thiago de bastos (@thiagodebastos)

    I was watching this video on VLC and just realised that it was cut off at the end. You know, the bit where you talk about how Sage works… soo yeah… any way to undo the above request? lol!


  3. julienmelissas

    Hey Thiago,

    Thanks for commenting and letting people know to watch out for the end 😉

    In general, when I give a talk at a WordCamp I have to make sure that I’m not going into too much detail because honestly most people at the WordCamps would rather me skim the surface of features, and then dig in themselves. On top of that, I was talking to a room of designers this time and very few people had experience working with creating custom themes from scratch, so I wanted to point out some other features of Sage that might be more appealing.

    To your point, I do agree that there should be more video material on using the tools that the Roots team provides, and we’re working on getting more content like that out there. Unfortunately, it’s an open source team with limited resources and our own jobs and stuff like that, but we have been talking about taking some time to make some material in video form.

    In the mean time, stay on Discource, and we’ll take care of ya 😉


  4. samuelkobedc

    When Julien is running his localhost where is the manifest.json’s devURL pointing? I take it he’s not pointing at localhost:8888 through MAMP like I am, and I would like to do this the cleanest way possible.

    It looks like bedrock, vagrant and virtualbox is a good guess from what I’ve read, but where does the actual wp site files live on my machine if I am running them through a virtual box?

    Any direction would help, like I can get this all to work and I am seeing the benefits, but I know there is a better way and it is driving me insane.



  5. julienmelissas

    @samuel – first of all, thank you for watching!

    We’re not huge fans of MAMP for a few reasons (https://roots.io/where-mamp-and-vvv-fall-short/), but that said, I totally get where you’re coming from – that’s where I started!

    So, if you’d like to use it, I’d highly recommend Trellis (https://roots.io/trellis/), it’s a LEMP stack that you can run easily with Vagrant & Virtual Box, but also one you can use up on your own host like Digital Ocean. I’ve also personally used VVV with pretty good success, but like they mentioned in the blog post, it’s not going to be as close to stack parity as using Trellis in both places.

    Hope that helps! To answer your question: at the time of this video I was using VVV and my local test location was `roots.dev`, so I had that set as my devUrl in the manifest.json file.


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April 13, 2015

Roots has always offered awesome tools for theme developers who want a great head start and aren’t afraid to try the latest and greatest. The latest version of the very popular Roots starter theme has been renamed to Sage and now has even more magic to make your life better when developing WordPress themes.

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