Rian Rietveld: The Accessibility-Ready Tag for Your Theme – Why and How

4 responses on “Rian Rietveld: The Accessibility-Ready Tag for Your Theme – Why and How

  1. jackie D'Elia

    Thank you for sharing your expertise on this topic, Rian.


  2. Rian Rietveld
  3. ifingers

    Wonderful! Great practical advice and tips on making WordPress more inclusive. Thank you Rian!


  4. Bart Simons

    I would like to watch this video about accessibility. Unfortunately the video controls are not accessible. As a screenreader user I see no video and no controls to launch it. Please use an accessible video player. Cfr. e.g. this article: http://www.iheni.com/accessible-media-player-resources/
    I have used JAWS15 and NVDA2015.3 both in combination with IE11 and Firefox. With neither of these combination I was able to launch the video.

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July 14, 2015

Your theme accessibility-ready? Let me talk you through some crucial questions.
1. Why do you need your WordPress theme to be accessible for everyone?
2. How do different kinds of visitors use your site?
3. Why are links, headings, form labels and colours important?
4. Where to find the specs and documentation and how to test your theme.

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