Sticky Posts: A Super-Easy WordPress Tutorial

4 responses on “Sticky Posts: A Super-Easy WordPress Tutorial

  1. www.tcacla20

    How do I put one sticky post before another – change the order?


  2. reportica

    Sorry, I did not notice this. Yes, change the order. The simplest way to do this for posts is to change the publish date. Posts are in date order by default. If the original date is important to you, you can note the original publish date in the body of the article.

    I will get new posts by email now, so the next reply will be sooner. 🙂


  3. Akshat Verma

    how can we have multiple sticky posts?


    • reportica

      Just go to each post you want to appear before the regular posts and make them sticky one by one. If you have not changed the defaults, the latest sticky post will be on top, then the other sticky posts, then the regular posts. If your theme has dedicated styling for sticky posts, all the sticky posts will have that styling.

      There are plugins in the repository that let you have sticky posts for the top of tag archives, there is also a plugin that will show you all sticky posts on your dashboard.

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July 19, 2015

What is a Sticky Post? How can I make a post sticky? What does a Sticky Post look like? Compare the appearance of sticky posts in three different themes.

This is a beginner-level tutorial.

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