Taylor McCaslin: Best Friend or Worst Enemy – Multisite Do’s and Don’ts

7 responses on “Taylor McCaslin: Best Friend or Worst Enemy – Multisite Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Taylor4484

    My slides and resources from this talk can be found at: http://taylormccaslin.com/wcboston


  2. patsmittydotcom

    Great video mate! I manage a WP install of about 2500 sites to date and can agree with you on all points that you made in this video. I’d love to see a more technical video from you that touches more on built-in WP config mechanisms, and server configs, etc…



  3. Taylor4484

    Thanks patsmittydotcom for that feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I’ll consider a future more technical talk. There was a great presentation that was a bit more technical at LoopConf this year by Jeremy Felt, I highly recommend checking it out: https://jeremyfelt.com/loopconf/#/


  4. Carla Chalmers (@carla_chalmers)

    I think I love you !!!!

    I am developing a new multisite and haven’t decided where I’m hosting it yet. I have been worried about a potential IP address change of the site in the future. I can sleep now that your reminded me to have clients use CNames instead of A records.

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  5. Taylor4484

    Carla, so glad to hear this presentation was helpful! CNAME ALL THE THINGS! Let me know if you have any questions by tweeting me: @taylor4484


  6. dutchsoundsoff

    So much new info, thanks for the lesson Taylor! When choosing themes to provide to your multisite, is there one brand that you prefer? If I subscribe to a theme site with unlimited downloads, am I able to give the multisite users access to download those themes for free?


  7. Taylor4484

    Hi dutchsoundsoff,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the talk, thanks for watching. As for themes, I don’t have any that I particularly recommend, but if you know you are going to use it on a multisite, it’s worth reaching out to the developer prior to purchase to see what their licensing looks like. Unfortunately there is no single way for this to work, so it just depends on how the developer has built the theme and licensed it. Your best bet is to contact the plugin or theme developer. If the theme or plugin is free, you likely can use it for free on all the sites on your multisite network, but that’s not always the case. So unfortunately, “it depends”


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August 7, 2015

We’ve all built a ton of WordPress sites. We’ve also managed them all too. You’ve probably heard about WordPress Multisite Networks, and all the awesome things it can (and can’t) allow you to do. With great power, comes great responsibility. During this talk, Taylor will step through the do’s and don’ts of Multisite Networks. He will share how WordPress Multisite can be your best friend or worst enemy… but usually both… at the same time. Expect pro-tips, eureka moments, and hard lessons learned from his experience setting up and running multisite networks for small private company intranets, all the way to global enterprise brands. By the end of this talk you will know the pros and cons of WordPress Multisite Networks, best practices for setting up and running a multisite, and know about alternatives if multisite isn’t a fit for your next project.

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