Matt Mullenweg: State of the Word 2015

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  1. Paul Stonier

    Term Meta deserves more applause. I’m pumped. Well done, team and thank you.

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  2. aucklandmeetup

    Great presentation as always from Matt. I especially liked the parts about APIs (fast forward to 30min). Has immense opportunities for businesses especially and will look at this for several clients in the new year. . Take WordPress to the next level.


  3. Mayo

    We need volunteer for making complete subtitle for this video. It makes from shorthand data which was used for live streaing, and is still missing a lot of words. Thanks! :


  4. Reynald

    I use WP as an application framework for most of my projects, I’d love to hear what his plans are to build on to those lego blocks.



    Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to all the incredible advice you give from previous years and for the future of WordPress. Learning WordPress and everything it can do has been an amazing journey for me and I’ll make sure to learn more about JavaScript this year. I’d love to one day be part of your Automattic team! All the very best Matt and thank you once again.


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December 7, 2015

Celebrates the accomplishments of the last year, and look forward to more good things to come as Matt Mullenweg delivers the “State of the Word” from WordCamp US 2015.

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