Helen Hou-Sandí: Intent in Software Design

One response on “Helen Hou-Sandí: Intent in Software Design

  1. lewiscowles2015

    Even with the explanation I don’t get it as far as the title decisions, it’s like cutting off fingers because they can be used to pull triggers.

    You could add a pseudo element or concrete element using js for a title or tooltip (thus solving the visual missing hint for mobile).

    All this said; it must be hard to make decisions for such a large portion of the web, and I absolutely agree with your statement on tooltips. “If you need to provide extra inline help. There is something lacking in your interface to begin with” and sympathise that it’s hard (if not impossible) to please everyone and provide substance.


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December 10, 2015

We talk a lot about all the things you can do with WordPress. But what about what you should do? Let’s talk about making better software design decisions that communicate intent and enable better user and developer experiences.

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