Anthony D. Paul: Build and Launch a Custom Site Using Only Your Phone

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  1. Anthony D Paul

    If the on-screen commands are hard to see, I posted my screen recording to YouTube:

    And also, I have a step-by-step blog post from the original experiment, detailing the Terminal commands:


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December 12, 2015

It’s 2020 and the majority of Internet traffic is mobile. Billions of the world Internet users have never owned, touched, or seen a computer larger than their pocket. Just as we were inquisitive kids, tinkering with Kid Pix and Geocities themes, the digital natives of today will be builders on the same platforms they use for consumption. Can you install and configure WordPress via your phone? Theme it? Create custom plugins? Launch it? Spoiler: I did, and I’ll show you how.

This talk is both a trend forecast thought piece and a proof-of-concept demo. I’ll share some technical learnings, discuss why they matter to our profession, and hopefully inspire you to attempt something just as crazy.

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