Kevin A. Barnes: Let Me Tell You A Story – WordPress As A Storytelling Tool

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January 19, 2016

“Online storytelling continues to evolve, with more complex and engaging forms appearing every year. What began as long-form online news articles has branched off in diverse directions, ranging from websites that expand the universe of an upcoming Hollywood movie, to a loose fabric of apps and sites that together reinterpret a classic Victorian novel.

This session will explore the boom in online storytelling and examine how both developers and users are leveraging WordPress to uniquely support such storytelling. We will touch on such WordPress solutions as the Aesop Story Engine plugin and themes specifically designed for storytelling, such as Storyteller, Longform and Radcliffe.

The intended audience consists of WordPress power users who want to tell engaging online stories, as well as developers interested in creating WordPress themes and websites geared toward storytelling.

Learning Outcomes:

Use WordPress to empower your storytelling efforts.
Compare and select a WordPress theme for your storytelling website.
Install and use the Aesop Story Engine plugin.
Understand how custom themes can utilize the Aesop Story Engine plugin.
Continue a 50,000 year tradition of storytelling.

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