Jason Coleman: Transitioning From Consulting to Products

One response on “Jason Coleman: Transitioning From Consulting to Products

  1. John M Lesko

    Your story resonated with me. Your plugin was one of the ones recommended on Chad Fullerton’s “Membership Ignition” training course. As I was looking through your site I viewed Jason’s “Transition to Products” video. The similarities (not identical) connected with me in a number of areas. A couple of years ago I sold my investment advisory business and now I’m in Financial Marketing, using Financial Edu. In marketing and motivation. Currently I’m exploring ways to develop and offer non-financial products and services. Before entering the financial industry I was a consultant (glorified, educated marketer) for backend accounting management and CRM systems in the mid-market. One of my certifications was with an association membership system called iMIS. So, that’s my commonality story. Thanks-John M Lesko


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April 4, 2016

This talk will be helpful for any WordPress developers or consultants who are thinking of building products of their own. I’ll use our own story as one example of how to do this, with advice that should helpful for businesses and freelancers looking to increase the value of their consulting services, add revenue streams from products, or transition 100% into products like we did.

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