Diane Wallace: CSS Secrets

One response on “Diane Wallace: CSS Secrets

  1. rain15

    Great info. Thanks Diane. I love it when you can implement pretty quickly what you have learned from a talk or webinar.

    Here are the links:

    centering 3 divs without float and using inline-block – http://codepen.io/rain15/pen/yVzarK
    horizontal alignment using flexbox – http://codepen.io/rain15/pen/vyeyOL
    horizontal and vertical alignment using flexbox – http://codepen.io/rain15/pen/jVGVqz
    multiple borders – http://codepen.io/rain15/pen/gLGLRW
    shape text – http://codepen.io/rain15/pen/yVzVxw


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August 15, 2016

We all have a “toolbox” of tried and tested techniques that we use again and again when developing, but is there another way? Possibly a simpler way? This is not a talk about doing CSS the “right way”, but looking at some lesser known CSS that you may not know about and that might (hopefully) prove useful.

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