Adam Walker: What I Learned From Building 48 Websites in 48 Hours

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August 16, 2016

I’m a digital marketer with a love for my community and the nonprofits that serve my community. Some friends and I set out to create a way to help marketing professionals and developers use their specific skills to help local nonprofits, and 48in48 ( was born. We recently finished our first 48in48 event where a team of over 150 people built 48 WordPress websites for 48 nonprofits in 48 hours. This session will explore what I learned during the creation, planning and execution of the event and will give some thoughts on how the WordPress community can give back using their professional skills.

Take aways:

How we approached building a plethora of sites a short amount of time.
How we approached the volunteers.
What plugins we used that were essential for the success of the project and for the long term success of the nonprofits.
Overview of what we learned and what we plan to do next.

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