Josh Pollock: The WordPress REST API and The Evolution Of WordPress

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September 21, 2016

With the popularity of WordPress, the expectations of what WordPress can and can’t do — from the perspective of our clients and our end users — has solidified, for better or worse. The WordPress REST API provides an opportunity to break those expectations and use WordPress to deliver better experiences for end users and site administrators alike.

In this talk, I will cover many of the possibilities for using WordPress in new and exciting ways as well as to improve how we build the most common elements of a WordPress site. There will be practical examples of how to use the REST API and wild speculation to encourage you to imagine fun new ways to use WordPress.

This is a talk for developers, but it has no code. It is a talk about how and why to use the REST API and an exploration of the changing role of WordPress in the evolving web. Anyone with a basic understanding of WordPress will be able to follow it.

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