Ben Dunkle and Andy Staple: A Custom Theme in 30 Minutes

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September 30, 2016

We’re going to step into the process of starting your own WordPress theme by taking a basic html and css site. The main goal is to show folks that making your own isn’t difficult with a little knowledge of HTML & CSS, and diving in is the scariest part, and shouldn’t be. If you’ve ever developed a website from wireframes or mockups to html, turning it into a WordPress theme is just a few extra steps. Watch how Andy and Ben do it, and take your web skills to the next level with your own custom theme. Even if building custom themes isn’t a future goal, getting in and doing this can help when editing other themes and understanding the inner workings of WordPress.

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WordCamp Pittsburgh 2016 19


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Andy Staple 4


CSS 123
Custom Themes 10


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