Chris Reynolds: Building WordPress for Enterprise Clients

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October 5, 2016

WordPress is growing at an accelerating pace. With this growth, the ubiquity of WordPress is gaining the attention of enterprise-level companies who want an easy and maintainable way to manage their content. That’s great for developers and agencies, right? But what does that mean when you’re actually working for a client named Microsoft or Uber or the United States Government(!)? How do the rules change and how can you shift your brain from “I build WordPress sites for small businesses and non-profits and myself” to “I build enterprise-level WordPress-powered sites for Fortune 500 companies”? This talk will cover specific tools and best practices used by the development teams at WebDevStudios that have been applied to projects for clients like Microsoft, the National Park Service, Campbell’s Soup, the Discovery Channel and more, as well as some tips for dealing with the inevitable imposter syndrome associated with working for brands you use in your home or with team members you know from books you’ve read or podcasts you listen to.

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