Mathieu Viet: With BuddyPress, WordPress Has The Power To Democratize Collaboration

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October 17, 2016

I’m using WordPress and BuddyPress to help me achieve the intranet projects my company is making me work on for 6 years now.
Although WordPress and BuddyPress are not necessarily solutions companies think of for their intranets, I have this conviction that considering a bit more some of their specific needs, my two favorite tools could help the hesitating ones to launch their collaborative or community intranets while making sure they keep the entire control over their data and knowledge.
During this talk I will tell you how I gradually developed a set of specific plugins to meet my needs around community intranets. I will also try to show you that WordPress, with a little help from BuddyPress can help any company of any size in improving the way their staff collaborates.

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