David de Boer: Trends In Online Payments – From Donations To Recurring Payments

2 responses on “David de Boer: Trends In Online Payments – From Donations To Recurring Payments

  1. VacationsOnEarth.net

    Thank you for your seminar. I enjoyed watching it. I’m in South Africa and am in the process of wanting an online store. I love WP and know my way around it a bit. I’m currently with WP.com for my one site although they’ve taken the eCommerce side away from WP.com. I’m now thinking of WP.org and a reliable host and possibly WooCommerce. Being in South Africa and a little afraid of how PayPal will work for me. Can you advise the best route to go? The safest and the widest coverage for payments, etc. ​via an online store. Would Molly work from South Africa?


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November 9, 2016

Click, add to cart, pay and wait. That’s so boring!

If you want to build and/or run an eCommerce store, you’ll have to get more creative to stay ahead of the increasingly professional competition. It’s not enough to just have a standard little store and post a discount code on your Facebook page.

During this talk we will have a look at trends that give webshops an edge over their competition, focusing primarily on how recent innovations in online payments allow new ways of online shopping.

Subscriptions or recurring payments: completely normal and accepted in the States, still seem to be a relatively new “thing” in the Netherlands. How can you leverage recurring payments in your store, and why, what would be the benefits for your store? Which plugins do you need? Which payment provider can become your partner?

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