WordPress Community Interview – Global WordPress Translation Day – Part 2

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November 13, 2016

Part 2

A couple of months ago I contacted Petya Raykovska of the Polyglots Team and asked if she had any issues with an idea I had to contact several of the teams that would be involved in the Global WordPress Translation Day 2, record a Skype video call and put them all together and publish them on WordPress TV. She was excited about the idea and gave me her blessing.

I used information that was available on the Polyglots Team page at make.wordpress.org to contact 25 random teams and tried to arrange times during the November 12th event to record a short video.

I was able to connect with 16 teams or people and this is the result. The locations and people I connected with are listed below.

Ogijima, Japan
Junko Nukaga

Zürich, Switzerland
Pascal Birchler

Pune, India
Rahul Bansal

Singapore, Singapore
Robert Sim

Athens, Greece
Takis Bouyouris

Johannesburg, South Africa
Trisha Cornelius

Cork, Ireland
Marcin Kilarski

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