Justin Busa: Customizing Beaver Builder For Third Party Themes And Client Sites

One response on “Justin Busa: Customizing Beaver Builder For Third Party Themes And Client Sites

  1. lewiscowles2015

    I have a much lower-powered plugin for content sections which only requires one call. I’d love to talk to someone on your dev team about a hook to export the HTML to one of our content sections (also exportable); so that per-page load, authors sites are not thinking about rendering, parsing more than one shortcode etc. The other fringe benefit I would see is that designers can build in one site, and export that to another without the plugin (I see how that could cause problems as well as being an opportunity)


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January 4, 2017

Beaver Builder is a page builder plugin that allows you to visually build custom layouts in WordPress with a drag and drop interface. While that adds a lot of power to any WordPress website, the real power is in its extendability. In this talk we’ll discuss the benefits of using a page builder and how to customize Beaver Builder to supercharge your third party themes or client sites.

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