Winston Tony: WordPress Basics

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January 25, 2017

This session will be about WordPress basics. Opening up with how I stumbled upon WordPress community on the Internet leading to the birth of This talk is CENTRED around demystifying the age old myth that one needs to be a born pro to run a word press site. In a nut shell I will take the audience through blogging passion, getting started, setting your site and basic back office, posting and issues of frequency, Social sharing just to mention a few. I use my personal blog to reiterate the aspect of alternative career informed by the high rate of unemployment on Kenya and Africa at large. That will mark my closing remarks.

When people ask me about WordPress normally I tell them I am self taught. (some say self made) from stumbling on WordPress to turning into an Internet nomad as a career to building a business around the aspect of blogging, it’s been a story of learning one curve at a time. It’s journey in progress. Like everyday friends and Internet strangers ask me to help out with WordPress related tasks. I do with an open heart. I have spoken previously at the Amref child development Centre (by Amref Foundation) about blogging. Recently I spoke at the Road to Nairobi Event in Nairobi organised by Ye community and Building Bridges Initiative. On frequent basis I speak about blogging to community based groups am involved with as part of TWIC GROUP undertakings.

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