Tammy Finch: Managing Your Online Reputation

One response on “Tammy Finch: Managing Your Online Reputation

  1. luisoncm

    Love the Talk Tammy, and with this comment I’m taken your piece of advise and I’m being a good customer! 😉

    I think I’m focus a little more on my online reputation because, I don’t have bad reputation, but I neither have a good one.

    Keep working.

    Thanks million.


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February 7, 2017

Word-of-mouth advertising – and a good reputation among customers – is still your most valuable marketing and public relations asset in the digital age. The only difference is that now people aren’t talking at cafés or bus stops; they’re tweeting about your company and leaving reviews on the Internet.

That means a positive reputation can take you farther than ever… and that a few bad reviews can sink your sales overnight.

Unfortunately, most business owners and marketers don’t know what it takes to establish and grow a positive online reputation. In this short workshop, we will discuss why you should care what others on the Internet are saying about you, and the best ways to cultivate a positive image.

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