James Laws and Kevin Stover: The Entrepreneur and the Engineer – Managing the Tension Between Opposites

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March 16, 2017

If you’re an Entrepreneur, chances are that you’ve had to work with Engineers. Best case scenario, they’ve created something that met your specifications in a semi-timely manner. Worst case scenario, they’ve kept you up all night stressing over a deadline, causing premature hair-loss.

If you’re an Engineer, chances are that you’ve had to work with Entrepreneurs. Best case scenario, they’ve given you well-written specifications and you can finish the project without a lot of back and forth. Worse case scenario, they keep making “simple” changes and call every fifteen minutes for status updates.

What if I told you that the tension between these opposites is the secret to a project’s success? Whether you partner with your opposite or simply work with them on a project, managing this tension is the difference between good and great. Join James and Kevin as they share how they’ve learned to appreciate each other’s personalities, create decent products, and become better at their respective roles in the process.

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