Eli Silverman: Beyond FTP – Moving to a Faster and Safer Deployment Workflow with Grunt and the WP-CLI tools

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March 31, 2017

For the first years I worked as a freelance WordPress developer, I overwrote or erased my fair share of client sites using the the ol’ FTP drag-and-drop. So, yea, I feel your pain.

But at some point a couple years ago I reached a boiling point and set out to find a more reliable, efficient, and consistent deployment workflow. I’ve since found something that works really well for me and in talking to my WP community, I’ve found there’s a strong interest in learning more about these practices.

The presentation will discuss my grunt.js and WP CLI deployment flow, just one part of the full package I use. In doing so it will also cover how to use the boilerplate git repository I’ve built to set it all up in just a few minutes, as well as basic git practices and alternate deployment methods such as Capistrano.

Personally, I beleive WP devs deserve access to the professional-grade workflows our peers enjoy using other languages and frameworks and I want to share what I’ve learned.

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