Adam Silver and Kyle Maurer: WPBattles – Entrepreneurship vs. Employment

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April 3, 2017

The WordPress economy is huge and still growing. Have you found your place in it? As in any industry, one fundamental question to answer is whether you are cut out for working for yourself or for someone else. There are abundant opportunities to start and grow new businesses based on WordPress but there are also countless amazing companies that are well established and looking to hire. How can you decide what role you are meant to play? In this session we will take a detailed look at both sides, share the pros and cons for each and really break down the fundamental differences between starting a WordPress company and working for one. If you ever find yourself questioning whether you’re really doing what’s best for you, this session will help you really understand which path to choose.

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WordCamp Northeast Ohio 2016 25


Adam Silver 20
Kyle Maurer 27
Angela Bergmann 5


Employment 1
Entrepreneurship 25
WP Battles 3


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