Nathan Reimnitz: Six Figure Freelancing

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  1. nate33189

    Hey guys, Nathan here (the host of this session) and I wanted to drop by quickly to let you know that you can find the transcript from this session right here on my website >>

    All of the slides are found on this same link as well. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email anytime. Otherwise I’ll look forward to meeting you at another WordCamp event very soon!


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May 14, 2017

Over the past year Nathan Reimnitz has become quite successful at freelancing as a WordPress developer and has developed some tips, tricks, and strategies that have proven to be extremely effective a earning a great living as a freelancer. “Six Figure Freelancing” covers how Reimnitz manages to earn at least $100,000 every year as a freelancer and how you can too.

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