WordPress Community Interview With Dave Navarro

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  1. Glenda MacDonald

    Dave illustrated how video helps his radio stations and clients tell stories and engage with audiences. His radio station competes with the local tv station’s news site because his reporters armed with old iPhone 4s upload videos and photos via the WordPress app. Dave and the host John Parkinson reminisced about the ‘old days’ when they started out with TRS80’s, highlighting how far technology has advanced, especially in terms of RAM! After a recap of his WordCamp tour plans Dave shared his passion for working with the WordPress community to help with marketing and social media, noting the growing use of platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube to bring stories to life.


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May 15, 2017

Dave is the Director of Digital Media for Alpha Media Topeka which is a group of radio stations. His primary duties include development of a common WordPress platform for websites in multiple radio markets. He also does plugin development on the side for numerous clients.

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