Edd Hurst: Migrating Content Is Like Moving House.

One response on “Edd Hurst: Migrating Content Is Like Moving House.

  1. lewiscowles2015

    In 2016 we moved an e-commerce multi-lingual site after several months of fixing problem only to have more problems due to plugins we didn’t own and couldn’t mitigate without diverging our customers from multiple potential plugin vendor updates.

    WooCommerce, especially when paired with WPML is an absolute PIG to migrate and I’d suggest is more like raising the titanic than moving house. We also found out some funny things about WooCommerce and had a deep-dive into how it works under-the-hood.

    We managed that with zero down-time for live users. I do feel like the approach “putting up a landing page for a few hours” is probably a little too relaxed and I can imagine it putting off many businesses.


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June 3, 2017

Content is King, right? But alongside shiny new designs, new features and technical challenges, content barely gets a second glance. Much like when you move house, migrating your content seems easy enough until the deadline is looming and you’ve got no choice but to grab everything at random before it gets left behind.

Where do all the boxes go, and how do they get there? Do you even know what they all are? What order do they go back together in? And why do you still have that poster from the 90s? Moving house, and Migrating content, is all about planning, mapping and making a specific list and sticking to it. It’s also about knowing when to abandon everything and start afresh. Having migrated dozens of sites well, and dozens of sites badly, I’ll show you how to keep things on track, how to plan for success, and how to cope with failure.

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