Corey Maass: Rapid Web App Development On WordPress

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  1. Cloud Confused

    Thanks for posting. This was very interesting. Would have appreciated some more specifics, like the walkthrough of how he’d build a specific app with what plugins etc.

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June 5, 2017

WordPress is known to be a powerful and versatile tool for rapid proof-of-concept web app development. During this presentation, we will investigate why WordPress may be the best tool to help create your next web app.

* In this presentation, we will look at different examples of business cases where WordPress is the best option, and also where it falls short.
* I will illustrate how I have solved the most common UI patterns required by web apps using plugins, web resources and occasionally code.
* We will walk through one of the apps I’ve built from idea to development to production to see the patterns in action.
* Finally, I share other considerations from my experience like deployment, syncing dev environments, AJAX, the REST API and iterating on feedback.

After the presentation, the audience will have a better understanding of WordPress for web app development. They will be ready to build a minimum viable product (MVP) web app on top of WordPress even if they have limited coding experience.

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