Fairy Dharawat: How To Engage Your Readers By Using Stories

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June 15, 2017

Why do we write blogs? So that it can be shared with the world. If not then you would choose it to be anonymous. As a blogger / writer it becomes important you have readers. So, how to write blogs which connect with your reader? It’s by storifying your blogs. Which means adding stories to your blogs.

Human latch up on stories. Stories are not only engaging but also help in consuming the information easily. Stories help in retaining vital information for a considerable time. It helps your reader stay with your blog, by personalizing it making it easy for them to connect with you. Stories make up most of our lives. Every day is a new story, it’s the treatment which is different. So the talk is going to focus on;

1) How to write a story.
A brief on stories. A beginning a middle and an end. A formulaic approach, and follow the rule. Understand the rule thoroughly and then break the rule by knowing about characters, story arc, plot, conflict, and resolution.

2) How to write a blog.
The topic of your blog. Writing posts related to your blog. Topics for your posts. How to choose image/s. Tools to use for your images. Url. Seo

3) How to add a story into your blog.
Narrate it in the first person. Add anecdotes. Tie it up together.

4) How to make your story more engaging.
Using action words. Experimenting with chronology. More moments. Character back stories. Conflict and resolution.

5) Which important questions you need to ask?

6) E.G. Technical stories

5 ways GA rescued my blog

*Your blog wasn’t getting more hits
*Then you googled something one late afternoon after eating two-day-old vadapav.
*You found an app which shows how your blog is doing is bad.
*Then you install it.
*It showed where you were losing your readers, eg using jargon, unfriendly interface, complicated blog design, high bounce rate.
*You corrected the mistakes.
*In a month’s times, you find the growth.
*You write how it changed your life.

7) In highly technical posts, it’s important to find one central idea and flesh it out as clearly as possible.

8) How to find important words?
Dictionary, fascination for words and reading.

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