Sylvie Clement: Customizing Your BuddyPress Community Website

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June 21, 2017

We can see more and more examples of great online communities built with WordPress and BuddyPress. But people installing BP are facing a big challenge in knowing how to customize their website to achieve that. What to start with ? How to change the templates ? How to change the navigation ? How to hide some functionnalities, or add others ?
This workshop will demonstrate a step by step example, and show some ways to customize your BP with snippets of code, using the many hooks BP offers.

– Choosing BP options and profile fields in the admin area
– Creating a user menu using BP built-in functionnalities
– BP templates hierarchy
– Hooks to modify BP navigation and subnav, and labels
– Hooks to add custom activities in BP activity streams
– some useful plugins to extend your BP

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