Panel Discussion: Contribution to WordPress

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June 22, 2017

If you’re a WordPress user, you may be aware of the “Five for the future” concept, in which WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg has suggested that companies wanting to give something back to WordPress should dedicate 5% of their resources to contributing in some way.

Contributing to WordPress doesn’t mean you have to speak PHP. While helping the WordPress community appears skewed towards those with programming know-how, there are many other valuable ways you can make your mark.

In this Panel Discussion our Panelist along with the Moderator will help you look at why it’s a good idea to contribute to WordPress and examine some of the ways in which you can make your contribution.

Alexander Gounder will moderate this Panel discussion, and Experts from WordPress Eco-system like Aditya Kane, Swapnil Patil, Vachan Kudmule, Bigul Malayi, and Ankit Gupta will take part in the Panel discussion as a Panelist!

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