Kelvin Cech: On Creativity: A Freelancer’s Journey through Boredom, Desperation, Success, then it gets Boring Aga

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August 31, 2017

My talk will focus on the genesis of creativity, whether it occurs out of necessity (oh god I have no job), boredom (this job is lame), or good ol’ fashioned ambition (I think I’ll write 3000 words about elves today). I’ll talk about the unmitigated disaster that was my first Wordcamp talk back in Edmonton in 2013, plus how people can use their own personal story as a backdrop to creative outlet. My talk should be about 20 minutes long. My basic outline: Intro: Wordcamp 2013 when my computer died and I was forced to be creative. Part 1. Unacceptable boredom: backing up to life in a tiny cubicle Part 2.

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