Mike Morucci: 10 Victories in #Fail’s Clothing

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October 21, 2017

Did you ever feel like a poseur? Like any minute your clients, or level-10 WP colleagues, are going to find you out?

“I have no idea what I’m doing. Someone much more technical than me would know this. Am I being filmed?”

I do. Every day.

But I learned there are a ton of people in this World of WordPress (WoWP ©Mike Morucci just now) who have different skills, but not all of them. Who struggle with issues but somehow find solutions, often by trial, error & Google search, and share them. You’ve just got to dive in.

In this talk, I will share #FAIL after #FAIL after #FAIL:

Web site?! Let’s start a Private Facebook group.
Just pick a template…from a million choices.
SITE DOWN! SITE DOWN! What did YOU do, Mike?!
I don’t need an expensive host. LOOK, this is only $4.95/month!
When should I launch? It’s not ready… It’s still not ready… It’s ready! Wait…
I can make my own logo. For free!
Why share my mistakes? Because failure is awesome. It brings wisdom one wouldn’t acquire without failing in the first place. I’ll also share a few tips/tools that keep me sane.

This talk is meant for the newbie who wears that badge proudly and is not embarrassed to say: “Hi, my name is Mike, and I don’t know a &*$%ing thing about PHP.” Or for the expert, who just likes to judge. I want you to feel better, too.

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