Phylecia Jones: Using WordPress to Create a Membership Site in 60 Days… After Pre-Selling the Product

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November 15, 2017

Pre-Selling and getting confirmation for your membership site idea works, but what happens when it is time to deliver? In this talk, Phylecia Jones will break down how she successfully pre-sold her online Budget School program, but then had to deal with the challenges of creating the product to deliver in 60 days.
If you want to know the behind-the-scenes of creating an online program using WordPress, Wishlist, Divi Theme and a host of other plug-ins, then this presentation is for you. Walk away with some laughs on going crazy building a membership site, but also some lessons learned and things you must remember such as:
– The details that will make or break your site from a user stand point and from a maintenance stand point
– Deciding to create your own membership site vs using a third party provider
– Crafting your program and designing your site with the user in mind
– Putting in place customer service check points when things go oftenly wrong
– Having access to people or resources when plug-ins don’t behave the way they should
– Giving yourself patience to design a program that will blow the socks off of your members

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