Josh Pollock: Five Attitudes Stopping You From Building Accessible WordPress Websites

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December 10, 2017

This talk will be given in a room that is specifically designed – as mandated by law – to be accessible to those with disabilities. Like our physical spaces, the web has accessibility standards too, but we don’t always take those seriously, as we’re not always legally required to do so.

We’re not all accessibility experts, but our job is to put valid HTML on a page. If 18.7% of the population can’t use what you create, are you doing your job? In this talk, we will look at attitudes that hold us back from creating web experiences for everyone. The point isn’t to complain, but to move paste these assumptions towards better understanding and to start learning. This talk isn’t being given by an accessibility expert, and you don’t have to be one to attend it, either. We’re here because we want everyone to be able to consume the HTML we generate.

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