Kathir Sid Vel: Designing the Perfect Customer Journey for your High-Converting eCommerce Website

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December 12, 2017

eCommerce websites have been evolving since the first online shop opened in 1995. You would think that, by now, businesses would have perfected their customer journey and user experience? Yet, many online retailers are still buying or commissioning one-size-fits-all themes under the assumption that these will automatically rake in the millions.

Each and every functionality and feature on your website’s money pages has a purpose – to arouse curiosity, generate interest, tingle desire, provide social proof and create a sense of urgency. That’s how you will convert your visitors into paying customers.
During my talk, I will walk you through proven product, cart and checkout frameworks, that you can take away to design the customer journey that fits your business model and product offerings. I will draw on examples from my own professional experience and other successful eCommerce websites.

You will pick up some inspiration to turn your own website into a high-converting eCommerce machine.

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