Austin Knight: Design Is Not Art

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December 20, 2017

This talk is not about design or art; it’s about designers. It’s about the things that we create and the ways in which we create them. It’s about the processes that we use and how those processes define us. It’s about the qualities that set us apart (and why they matter). What are the differences between design and art? What is the most important quality that a designer can possess? And how are the two so closely related? In this talk, we’ll examine the ways in which design and art are fundamentally different, and how through those differences, we can extract the qualities that comprise great designers and leaders. Learn about the contrasting purposes, data sources, and creative processes that design and art hold. Gain a new perspective on what it means to be a designer, and how designers that possess one particular quality are prone to better feedback, accountability, innovation, collaboration, and outcomes. Finally, hear personal accounts from designers at companies like Google and Apple, sharing their approaches to design and the qualities that they value. You may or may not leave this talk convinced that design is not art, but no matter what, you will leave with a better understanding for what it means to be a designer.

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