Carole Olinger: Aboard the WordPress Community – A Journey of Self-Discovery

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January 9, 2018

I entered the world of WordPress because my husband invited me to join him during his trip to WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna. I did not even know what WordPress was up to that point. I was scared of meeting the “nerdy” part of my husband’s life probably due to not being able to get involved into it because of a lack of both interest and knowledge.
The story I want to share is about how things evolved afterward, as I visited several WordCamps as a passionate volunteer to the point of getting a true WordPress Community-Junkie. It is about how the community has actually allowed me to take part in the life that my husband’s leading every day. It is about how I became a WordCamp speaker and emcee as well as a member of the organizing team of three different WordCamps including WCEU 2018 without even having used WordPress professionally before.
It is the story about how I have been changing my life completely in one year: from sickness, frustration, and depression through a new source of inspiration and creativity to lots of new opportunities in personal and professional matters.
Being part of and contributing to the WordPress Community can be a very inspiring and enriching experience – not only for WordPress users and professionals but also for their partners, friends, and family.

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