Sean Blakeley: Using the API in large (and small) projects

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January 29, 2018

Three days before the deadline and the launch of a national TV campaign – Sean’s boss turned to him and said: “I don’t think we can do this.”

Just six weeks earlier the team at Pragmatic had landed a huge API project. ITV, The National Lottery & The British Olympic Association had come together to plan and deliver Britain’s biggest ever sports day: I am Team GB. As their chosen WordPress partners, they had to get it right.

So how did it go? What did they learn along the way? And what would they do differently if they did it again? Sean will guide the audience through the different pieces of the puzzle – things they predicted, (and the things they didn’t). We will explore:

– The inner workings of an enterprise level API project
– The pressures and challenges of a tight, immovable deadline (the Olympics!)
– The creativity needed to face new challenges
– And most of all, the successes and learnings we can see looking back on it now.

The project helped a million people get off the sofa and get involved in sport that day – and we’ll look at how, with millions of people hitting the site, WordPress didn’t break a sweat.

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